importance of artwork

by Christian Lara

In this picture, I see a child wrapped up in a blanket with their arms and legs crossed. It looks like this child is staring off to something
The creator is Giuseppe Ceracchi, who was born in Rome, Italy. This sculpture looks like the guy would be sophisticated because of the clothing he has on
This bust was created by Jean-Antoine Houdon, and it's a sculpture of Benjamin Franklin. It is the most powerful and fully realized version of the best-known portrait of Franklin.
The artist of this picture was born in America and their nationality is American. I see different types of birds with different sizes, I don't know if that means anything.
This is a painting created by John James Audubun, and it's a hand coloured aquatint engraving on paper. In this picture, I see a falcon attacking a hawk that has an injured rabbit in it's claws.
This picture was made by Joshua H. Shaw. What I see in this picture is a house and a lake, the picture has a dark shading and I think some bad stuff happened at that location.
This picture was created by Francis Guy. In this picture, I see a village that is shaded dark and a river that seems to be getting brightened as it goes more forward.
This picture was created by Charles Bird King. In the picture, I see a Native American who seems to have the smile of the Mona Lisa, but it is also bright in the background.
This painting was created by Sarah Mirriam Peale. The result is a visually and emotionally satisfying image of a proud and prosperous Philadelphia couple.
This portrait was created by Raphaelle Peale. In the portrait, there is Margaret George McGlathery who died in 1830.
This picture was created by James Peale. In the picture, it shows Washington and his Generals at Yorktown because they won a battle.
This portrait was created by Samuel Finley Breeese Morse. In this portrait, I see a man who has a feather pen and is writing because Jonas Platt was a lawyer and politician.
This portrait was created by Rembrandt Peale and it is a portrait of George Washington. In the portrait, George Washington is in his uniform and looking like if he's ready for war.
Diana on a Chase was created by Washington Allston. I like this picture because it looks beautiful and peaceful.
Among the great scenic wonders of the New World, one was uppermost in the minds of nineteenth-century Americans, Niagara Falls. It was first visited by European explorers in the seventeenth century.
This picture was created by Charles Willson Peale. In this picture it he is looking at picture of a woman, under a bright lamp.
Admirers called him Gallant Harry and his impetuous charm made him the most beloved politician of his generation. But the legacy of Henry Clay was his devotion, in the House of Representatives.
This painting commemorates the experiment in Philadelphia, which Benjamin Franklin demonstrated that lightning is a form of electricity. In the back, there is light that is created by lighting.
John Trumbull recorded on canvas the major events of the nation’s founding. He portrayed the sortie at Gibraltar on November 26, 1781, in which British forces overthrew a Spanish siege.
This portrait was made by Gilbert Stuart, and it's a portrait of George Washington. George Washington is standing, but next to his hand, there is a table that has very classy items.
This painting created by Thomas Sully is a picture of a mom with her children. I noticed that the child standing to the right has more light on him and his clothed in white which represent Jesus.
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