The Eye don't lie

Natural Beauty is in all colors

The strong bright colors in this painting says everything about this setting. More like an island type of presences supported by the rocky hills and big blue sky.
I love how the color of the sky catches the cloud during sunset. the people in the little raft appears to be bringing food to the village from the sea. the oceans color blends well from night to day.
A piece of heaven some might call it. As this sunrise captures the soft lighting hit off the clouds and mountain top beautifully. Sandy beach almost matches the raising sky colors
This image is a perfect example of natural beauty. capturing the moist nature color of the river bank and damp grass. The cloudy sky reflects off the water nicely giving an after the rain feeling.
The real challenge in capturing the perfect color in this picture, isn't the shades of green on the hills, tress and mountains that stands out. Its the different browns from the horses to dirt roads.
The important part of the color scheme in this image is the fire, and the light rays hitting the faces of the people around it. A warm night time setting with a touch of dark blue sky bring out moon.
A beautiful outing on a nice hot day in the piece of work. Fortunate to claim a sweet spot under the shade, you notice the grass green and tree colors. The sexy blue water adds the cherry on top
Its not about the vibrate blue sky in this image. Reflections off the water, the waves, the action of play from the people; but the different grass colors is the sweetest touch in this painting.
This painting almost takes me to Paris, which is on my to do list. Dreamy blue swirly sky with the sun out at night time hours. The dark shadow branch looks over the city for a picture perfect night
Tropical overview setting with a sunrise picture feeling, as two couples are at work in the garden. Scatted clouds with a tease over baby blue skies makes the painting so attractive.
Take a really good look at this image. Look pass the beautiful blue skies on the top corner; in the smoke, it almost looks like something is coming out of a dimension from the flame.
This painting almost looks like a dreamy fog in the form of colorful clouds. The two people on the boat sits comfortably looking towards the dreamy sky, welcoming the warm nature color from the sea.
Home sweet home type of feeling in this painting with the sunny warm colors off the trees. The reflections from the lake captures the home and the surroundings.
As if the beautiful colors on the dress did not elevate this picture enough.The strong green grass may have done the trick with a swirling clouds and splash of blue; as if the woman in the air belongs
Is truly an amazing sight of a painting when you could point out the time of day in a painting. Catching the sun rays colors from the back of the crowd. The color around scene complements the people.
Credits: All media
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