The Sculptures of Religion

Religion has forever been a part of the human life. It has led many cultures to being prosperous and to death. These sculptures are a part of evolution of mankind. They have different uses that led people to believing or they are about different gods of the religion that they believe in. Religion has always been a story of life, to which has led me to chose this topic.

This stone sculpture is of a woman slightly bent and similar ones were found at burial sites, which may mean it could be of a god about heaven. This work was chosen by its distinct abstract features.
This bronze sculpture of a warrior was made as a votive offering to the Etruscan gods. this work was placed in the exhibit for its pose of looking ready to throw a missing spear and idealistic style.
This wooden sculpture is of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion. the technique that it was made is of the Polychromed Poplar. This work was chosen, because it gives a sense of realism and is idealized.
This bronze figurine is a naked male warrior that is holding a spear and looks ready to fight. this work was chosen for its use as an offering to the gods and the rarity of being found in Iberia.
Bodhisattva is a deity in Nepal that has 103 forms. On his hand is a lotus, which is of spiritual purity and hair knot is Buddha. This work was chosen for it is idealized and very realistic.
This stone sculpture is of the Hindu goddess Pratyangira. she has a loin head, and can both heal and hurt people. this work is in the exhibit for its abstract features, and feeling of individualism.
This sculpture is of the Hindu god of war, Skanda. He has 6 heads, 12 arms, and is surrounded by a lalitasana. This work was chosen for it many abstract features, which shows how powerful he is.
Bhadrakali is the female equal of Shiva. she has 4 arms and sharp fangs. This sculpture was chosen for its use for ritual bathing and the abstract features that Bhadrakali has.
This sculpture is of the Virgin Mary, who was originally holding the infant Christ with her hands. It was chosen for the exhibit for its idealized and realistic style along with its fragile condition.
Durga was a god made out of male hindu parts, so that she can kill the Buffalo demon. This work was chosen because of the abstract features that the sculpture has, like the head that Durga pulls out.
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