Remember The Fallen

A collection dedicated to military and service personnel through various mediums of artwork. Gallery by Tyler Pulford.

The piece shows an "ordinary" military funeral based on the death of a soldier who passed in comfort, far from the glory of combat.The artist used color and lines to add pronunciation and distinction.
An Image of Captain Young's heroism that earned him the Military Cross during the Battle of Somme. The detail in the people's faces is the aspect that stands out the most. Faces of agony, anger, fear
The piece depicts a battle between famed warriors Achilles and Hector. Greek pottery with traditional greek greek human design and color. The human actions and orientation are dramatized for effect.
Civil War marching drum with painted eagle and patriot badge. European style bald eagle; our nations symbol. Infantry text banner means this drum and drummer almost certainly saw combat.
Gruesome imagining of conflicts in Japan during the 17th Century. Stylized Japanese characters and folding medium in line with samurai paintings and other traditional Japanese art.
A torpedo crashes and sinks a warship at sea during a naval battle. This collection is about military history and combat paintings are some of our best glimpses at battles with no visual record.
George Washington commands during the Battle of Princeton. Washington is emotionless and space is used to show Washington's power as compared to the size of the battle raging far in the distance.
Battle scene during the Civil War. Detail and color demonstrate the movement of the horses. The sweeping of the grass showing furious wind while troops gather behind the group. Space and line work.
Scene depicting a Greek conflict, the use of space makes this painting special. Troops take up most of the lower left portion indicating closeness and then we see a valley with soldiers, water rushing
War beaten troops emerge from the Battle of Somme. The artist intended to show war as brutal and unpleasant as it is. The lack of color further accentuates the expressions and tone from the soldiers.
Credits: All media
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