Pakistan and Nepal Culture

Katie Dobrinski

I love other countries different styles in fashion and fabrics. They have so many different patterns and colors they are just so beautiful
These are soldiers. It is very interesting to look at. This is an older photo but their outfits are very different from what we are used to seeing.
I think this is a mural and I love murals because they are beautiful. This one is very detailed and has so many different patterns and colors to show their culture.
I'm not even sure what is going on in this picture but it caught my eye because they were riding a camel and it was just very cool.
Look at this gorgeous view! It's so lovely and just I can't even describe this picture it's so nice.
This is a portrait of the wedding between a prince and the princess of Nepal. I found this very interesting. Weddings between princes/kings and princesses/queens are always very unique.
The buildings are very different but have their own style to them. I thought this building was cool looking, unlike anything I had seen.
After the earthquake in April 2015 many people had no homes due to them being destroyed but they still tried their best and lived in tents for a while. Even in tragedy they'll always find a way.
Much like the tent houses, after the earthquake I bet you can tell from the title these are makeshift schools. I think it's nice that even after something this level happened they still give education
This is awesome looking. Like the building is very strange but cool and it looks as if it maybe just rained.
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