RnB Divas-(Michelle Harkless)

This gallery contains photos of  divas of R&B. These women paved the way for many in these photos and portraits include women of the early 1900's that performed rhythm and blues such as Toni Haper, Billie Holliday, Sarah Vaughn, Pearl Bailey, Marian Anderson, Dorthy Dandridge, Ethel Walters, Ella Fitzgerald, and Sinsieretta Jones. 

The visual element of a black and white photo of blues singer Toni Harper singing on stage. The principles of design in this photo are the angle of the photo that depicts her height as a young girl
This photo of jazz singer, Billie Holiday there is a white light is lit on the star, and the background musician is dimmed. The principle of design are the white accects of the flowers in her hair.
This is a photo of blues singer Sarah Vaughn singing while holding the mic. The principles of elements of this photo are distance and how the photo appears it has been zoomed in on her performance.
This photo is of american actress and singer Pearl Bailey. Visual elements that she is posing like a diva in her white dress and peacock feathered hat. The principles of this photo is a posing position.
This is a photo of singer Marian Anderson. The visual element and principles that reflects my theme is that she has a very soulful expression as she postured with her hands folded and is looking up.
This photo is a picture of Dorthy Dandridge featured in a hit movie Porgy and Bess. The visual element that reflects my theme is that her face is illuminated in the photo with the dark background.
This is a photo of Ethel Waters on a radio show. The photo also has other people in the background. She is standing with her mouth open towards the microphone.
This photo is of blues singer Ethel Waters. The visual elements and physical dimensions of this photo is color transparency throughout the painting. Ethel Waters has an orange tint to her that makes her stand out.
This is a portrait of Ella Fitzgerald. The visual elements of the photo are the African American features of her face in the painting. The physical elements are the colors of yellow with dark specks.
This is a portrait of singer Sissieretta Jones. The visual elements is that this that she is posing in this portrait. The physical elements are the beige colors like albums were back in the 1900's.
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