Mariah Tyree

I like how it looks like the artist took a paintbrush and just drug it down on the canvas until the brush ran out of paint.
these aren't drawn lines, but the way the rocks are aligned form a line.
Lines can be used to create depth to a picture by spacing and crossing.
I don't know exactly what this is supposed to be but there are lines involved,
the way these lines are used make it look like the picture is stacked and I'm looking right above it or it goes down.
the lines in this are used to create a shadow effect.
This is another example of ho the lines are made to look inverted or the opposite of that, just depending on how you see it.
the lines on this are drawing your eyes to a certain spot in the picture.
to me this looks sort of like a flame.
Lines used to create an image of people standing in line.
lines do not always have to be straight.
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