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by Lisa Thompson

Art as Self Expression Norman Rockwell's oil on canvas titled, "The Problem We All Live With", is a reflection from a time where racism really did exist in the South. I was born in the late 1960s not noticing what really happened during that time. Art as self expression is represented in the girl in this painting wearing a white dress. To me this can symbolize a girl who is going to an all white school as reflective of this dress. It shows me that this girl is trying to blend in with a different culture in the midst of verbal violence and unrest. I am also amazed that the girl is keeping her posture and head upright showing confidence in the midst of struggle. The four men surrounding shows them as being the protector as reflective in their tall appearance surrounding her. The background showing the dark red tomato spread over the wall is a resemblance of the violence and the hateful words that were expressed by these protestors.
Art in Worship and Ritual I chose this piece as a wonderful for of art in worship and ritual as symbolized in this piece as the different scenes of God's creation. The tempura colors along with using color and gold leaf on parchment shows the creation of mankind as reflected in the book of Genesis. The gold leaf is used to reflect God as the light of the world. I can see the gold around the top of God. The gold also is reflected in the stars and skies that God created. The color washed on parchment represents how God embedded colors in various forms of His creation such as the plants, mainly the blue color of the water and the skies. This to me is worship in the form of the wonders of God's creation. How I view it is not to just worship the creation itself, but to worship the one who created the earth and the universe. A creation that scientists and experts still continue to explain how the earth was forms from a tiny atom. I am amazed at how seven days of creation can be put in the four stages of creation from God creating the earth and the universe to his creation of the animals as reflected in the lower left hand corner and the creation of man and woman as also reflected in the lower right hand corner. Jean de Berry created several manuscripts using French translations of the Bible including the wonders of creation during the 1400s.
Art for Persuasion This piece to me resembles a form of art in persuasion to show the influence of King Louis XIV during his reign in the 17th century. In this piece shows Colbert presenting to King Louis the members of the Royal Academy of Sciences. The artist used objects in this oil on canvas along with several skeletal models of animals in the background and several models of earth to explain that the earth is actually round. Back in the 17th century before NASA and before the moon's exploration, scientists were uncertain regarding whether the earth was flat or round. This may be the reason the Royal Academy of Sciences may have been started to continue researching on the wonders of science. King Louis in this painting is wearing colors of bright shades of orange. Certain wear of colors along with the fashion design of that century may represent a sign of power and pride back in those days. I feel colors do represent ones character or position. The presentation of these members plays a role in persuading say young potential scientists who may also want to join the Royal Academy of Science.
Art for Commemoration The depiction of art for commemoration as shown in the "First Reading of the Emancipation Proclamation", is a meaningful commemorative event depicting the freeing of slaves in the South. This occurred just after the Civil War ended. The reason I chose this piece is the meaning behind the importance of living in freedom to be what God wants us to be. This is a great success to the millions of slaves and the return of their dignity as men and women of God rather than being someone's piece of property which in slavery is an unjustified form of dehumanizing men and women. The seriousness of this painting is reflected in the Lincoln and his staff's expression as to the serious importance of delivery an uncompromising message of the freeing of slaves in the midst of uncertainty and what is in store for the United States and its future even after the victory and the end of the Civil War. The Emancipation Proclamation was also a time for healing to slowly bring a divided nation together. The room with some highlights in the background has some dark colors expressing the seriousness of this historical event. The medium used was originally a photo print of Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation and the artist, Francis Bicknell Carpenter enhanced the picture of converting this from black and white to different colors using oil on canvas.
Art as Commentary The artist, Thomas Gainsborough uses this piece, "Hester, Countess of Sussex, and Her Daughter Lady Barbara of Yelverton" represents in art as commentary in the life of Hester who held a position in King George's court during 1700s. Both the mother and daughter represent a deep bonding relationship between mother and daughter. The oil on canvas consist of the colors of milky white dresses with blue which is a reflection of not only of a mother and daughter's relationship with each other, but a softness and tenderness of love between them. The background reflects in this picture is not only the oneness between mother and daughter, but the relationship they have with nature. The smiles on their faces reflect they are enjoying each others company and at the same time being at peace on a cool spring or summers day. In art as commentary this piece displays even though there were rich and powerful people in those days, nothing can separate a special relationship between mother and daughter as displayed in this piece.
Art for Delight In this model, "Chandelier", shows a delightful display of the beauty and delight of brighter colored flowers and shrubbery. The reason I chose this model is it represents an art in delight that Chandelier displays in this gorgeous colorful piece. Chandelier uses plastic to form and shape flowers in various ways. This model is a representation of paradise because of the exotic flowers represented here. This can be a symbol of relaxation and peace to some, but to me the beauty of flowers combined with its various forms of bright and dark colors resemble a sense of enjoyment and joyfulness. To some flowers can be just flowers, but this plastic model resembles a combination of flowers with maybe a round red bud that could be a bud or might be a type of berry. I could also add that the pink flowers could resemble softness, the orange flowers could resemble a cheerfulness and joy. The yellow flowers I heard can resemble a type of flower I would give to someone who is in the hospital. The delight with this plastic model resembles a representation and delight of colors when going through the different stages of life.
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