reniassance art


This is probably from the dark ages because it is religious they are all wearing clothes and they have no facial expression. This caught by attention because it is incredible the way that artist showed the mothers love for the baby without even using facial expressions
It is amazing how da vinci can describe specific details on the human anatomy in ways that weren't even accepted at the time in such a simple drawing. It is also amazing how he used backward writing.
It is amazing how da vinci made art and other art that has other meanings or hidden messages. I am not entirely sure but it is very possible that this is not only a map. He uses simple subtle curves to show the details and landscape of the area...Incredible
In this painting by michaelangelo it looks to me like a man is being haunted by his sins and wrongdoings. It shows that no matter what you do you can't escape from the demons inside you.
Credits: All media
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