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Inspirational works of art - Love, Beauty, Peace and Goodness.

This jewel in the shape of a heart is very well made, most of my own pendants are heart shaped. That is because I believe in love and goodness. I love the blue and red colors in the pendant. It is interesting how figures are blended as part of the piece.
The inspirational legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is one that has become part of cultures around the world but especially, here in America. I am touched by his life's work and his belief in the good of mankind. This artwork also includes a stairway which I think represents an ascension of mankind to learning to be more loving and treat everyone with kindness
Audrey Hepburn is my favorite actress. I recently re-watched my favorite one of her movies, Breakfast at Tiffany's. I felt as though I was watching it for the first time. It made me reflect on how I have changed and grown as an individual. I think that Audrey's ethereal beauty is timeless.
The beautiful artihcoke, I chose because its scientific name is Cynarra. It is based roughly on a little known greek myth, where a human was adored by one of the God's. She stayed with him but when she longed to return home, he grew angry with her and sent her back to earth as an artichoke.
This angel holds a sign above it which reads: 'Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God.' I like the message and the symbolism of angels. Based on growing up in a christian home, I was taught that angels are messengers of God. Although my spiritual growth has taken me beyond christian concepts, I still believe in angelic helpers and guides that assist us throughout our lives.
This sculpture created by Olafur Eliasson uses variations of light, space and water in such a manner that it has an affect that seems to make the water molecules appear motionless when perceived. I selected it because of the title and the unique affect it creates. Intuition is an important characteristic to have and pay attention to in life. That is because things are not always as they seem. When one is in touch with their intuition it helps when you get a knowing to just follow your gut to go with or not to go with a particular course of action.
Among many things we learn growing up, it is important to learn to love. This figure was created with that in mind. Love is universal and when all things are approached with goodness and kindness of heart it makes even the worst situations more bearable and even can bring peace.
This is my favorite painting. I really enjoy this painting because of the colors and the energy of the night sky. When I see this painting, I feel not only a connection to Vincent van Gogh but a timeless connection to the universe and All That Is. It speaks to me in a way that I know that nothing is impossible.
I enjoy artwork featuring nature. The landscape is beautiful and the soft colors of blue in the sky are also very attractive to me. I like the clothing of the period worn by the subjects. I also love to watch movies from this time period. This painting reminds me of author Charlotte Brontë's, Jane Eyre one of my favorite books and movies.
I selected this work because I enjoy stained glass. In addition, the subject is about a genius, alone in the cold. Sometimes, I feel alone and very often I am. I find that there are more times I spend by myself than with people. I have learned to focus on growing and allow what ever genius trait that may be within to be developed in spite of my solitude.
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