Roman architectural project: part one 

DORIC COLUMN: a large plain looking column (pillar)            used as suppourt for buildings                                       IONIC COLUMN: a column just like the doric column              except more detailed with two swirls per side           CORINTHIAN COLUMN: a column llike the doric and              ionic but instead of swirls the corinthian has plants            branching out at various directions.                       PEDIMENT: the triangular front part on the roof of                  buildings.                                                               TRIGLYPH: the indented lines you can find above                  columnsn on the sides of buildings.                         CARYATID: statue liike pillars of women used to support        buildings.                                                                     CELLA: the main area of a temple                                   METOPE: the rectangle space between triglyphs             DOME: a semi-sphere  roof n the top of buildings           VAULT:  an arched celing                                                 PERISTYLE: a yard surrounded by a walkway                 ENTABLATURE:  that spacey between the columns and        the roof on classic buildings.                                     FLUTING: groves used as decoration like on columns     FRIEZE: a horizontal band painted on walls                     PERIPTERRAL: a building surrounded by walls of                  columns on all sides.                                                 PILASTER: a column except flat and rectangular             PORTICO: a porch with a roof and columns                                                                          CITATIONS:                                                                                    

Credits: All media
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