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I love the symbolism of this piece. I feel as though she is looking up like the saying keep your chin up.
The colors sprung out to me so this made me think of the color scheme.How just using someones face can make that person become more than just a man and more of a symbol.
I love the extensive detail in this. If you look at all of the small detail it looks as if you are in a street again.
I feel like the eagle is staring into my soul. Especially since the image is already grandiose it makes it pop out even more.
This feels kind of like an add they might actually use. For example if you zoom in you can see that it is near a highway or crosswalk. So this seems so realistic it's amazing.
I like the use of depth in this. Showing the way every street and building can become art.
This is just plain old cute. The way that the mouse is acting as if he were a gangster.
This reminds me of when i was a child and my mom would hold me like this.
This seems like how and old batman would show who he really is.
I liked the way they used other art forms in this.
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