Ones That I Like

works of art that just appeal to me or that i like to observe

it's definitely using symbolism, but what does the other guy running represent? hmm....
nice scenery, i can actually see the crispness of the logs and the serene flow of the water, very nice
i think this means something or is a code, but what, this may have to stay in here for a while...
really stuck out at me, interesting. I thought it was a fence at first, until i noticed a figure on the fence. very creative.
one of the first works of art i ever liked. as soon as i saw this, I said "awww, this is too cute", and here it is.
this reminds me of getting rid of all your fears, especially when you are about to present yourself in front of others or prove yourself; very powerful image to me.
is this a real place?
really unique, perfect example of subtractive carving. is that guy kissing someone's booty ass though?
did not van gogh painted stuff like this? cool.
i like how the clouds and trees are so informal, like they are not just circles in the sky of lines with patches of green, but van gogh warps the view of these everyday objects.
did not know there were 2 starry nights? this reflection in the water is nice, not perfect, but makes me feel a little dazed, as if I am in the painting myself.
i can see like 5 things, so cool
i donno what i like about this, i just like it
even though its nude, i am mature and admire the multiplicity of colors used instead of black white and gray to symbolize shadows and depth
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