The art of music

This gallery shows you how music can be beautiful to hear and see.

-This is a piece of a woman in a nice poofy dress sitting down and playing a cello -This picture goes with my theme in music in the way that it is beautiful to hear it but in this piece you look at it and can see a beautiful woman playing a beautiful instrument. That itself is music to your eyes.
-This is a piece of an old style organ. -This piece is showing how they put time into craftsmanship of there musical instruments. This is not only so that they sound beautiful but so they look beautiful too. The detail in this piece in the wood finish and the legs are stunning.
-This is a piece of an old classic piano -This piano shows you how the shape of the piece was not only used to give it nice curvy lines but also to help with the sound a resonance of the piano. Also the string size with the lower strings being longer and the higher strings being shorter it gave it this beautiful curve to the piece.
-This is a picture of an old style piano from the 1500's -This piano looks like it is beat up but it has held its beauty over the years. The detail in the wood finish above the keys carved in is stunning and the back of the piano is in a different shape then most to give it its own distinct look.
-This is an old guitar from the 1700's. -This guitar is great in the detail they put into the finish of this guitar. It is simple in a way that it is only black and white but very complex and detailed in what is on it. Also the two white lines going down the back give it space in the piece also gives it a dividing place and just really fits in.
-This is an old Bass Viola from the 1600's -This is a simple design but complex at the same time. If you look at it it looks simple but if you look close it has detail in the middle that is simple but gives it beauty. Also the shape and the wholes in it give it acoustic value to not only sound good but look good at the same time.
-This is an old clarinet from the 1700's made in the key of D. -This piece looks plain but is unique at the same time. It has his own beauty in being not the same as other clarinets in being the color black it is cream color and gives it its own beauty. The detail and shape in this give it a beautiful sound and look to the piece.
-This is an old Barrel organ from the 1800's -This piece is awesome in the way that it plays itself. The barrel spins and has notches on it to tell which note to play when it comes around. The detail it took to make this piece is overwhelming. Each notch has to be perfectly placed to make the exact sound you want and the piece in general sounds amazing but looks amazing with the detail in the barrel and also the pipes stick out.
-This is a pedal harp from the 11800's -This piece is beautiful in the shape and the sound that it makes. The detail it has up the sides of the painting is remarkable and no doubt beautiful and the shape it naturally has because of the size of the strings gives it a distinct beautiful look.
-This is a picture of old Pochettes. -Pochettes are like a violin or viola without the body. This gives the there own distinct beauty and sound. The detail in these especially the third with the stripes painted on it are incredible. The time it took to make these and be so precise are an art in itself.
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