One Point Perspective

By; Annie Grace Davis

Foreground; Bottom of the picture where it is all land and the beginning of the river. Middle ground; The river. Background;the mountains at the top of the picture that aren't touching the river.
Foreground; The floor. Middle ground; The sink. Background; The tub.
Foreground; Red dirt. Middle ground; The town. Background; The mountain range.
Foreground; The people. Middle ground; The dome. Background; The second room.
Foreground; The pillars. Middle ground; The people and space between the two houses. Background; The second house and distance behind it that is visible.
Background; The Cathedral. Middle ground; The buildings in front of the Cathedral and people between them. Foreground; The people on the streets in front of all the buildings.
Foreground; 2 women in the front and the table. Middle ground; The wardrobe and children playing around it. Background; The room behind the open door and the people in it.
Foreground;The biggest part of the dome. Middle ground; Where another dome is formed. Background; Behind the second dome.
Foreground; Men walking in the street. Middle ground; The houses behind the men. Background; The cars and houses further down the street.
Foreground; The light on the floor. Middle ground; The trampoline and things beside it. Background; The corner of the room (darkest part).
Credits: All media
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