Let freedom ring

Individuals depicting the tragedies and victories of war.

The colors portrayed in this painting are light based giving it a more relaxing and joyful tone; making the viewer fully comprehend the excitement of the soldiers during their final victory.
Another painting giving the viewers a sense of calm; however, adding a bit of unease with the weapon added in as the focal point.
This photograph allows the viewers to feel compassion for the soldiers while away from their families.
The shading of the smoke blended with the trees leads me to believe that something more is about to happen; preparing for the worst.
The weather scene in this specific painting allows you to feel and sense the soldiers' fear.
The artists' choice of a white horse as the focal point really peaked my interest. Although pain and suffering is noticed, it leaves the viewer thinking about the an upcoming successful battle.
With all the powerful emotions going through the soldiers' minds; one is accepting his role as a soldier and standing brave against the enemy.
The soldiers, on either side, become blended with the dark skies. Trumbull executes the reality of war.
It's extremely intriguing how Rosoman decided to paint the men so small compared to the falling building. To me it conveys how short life really is.
The light is shining on the fallen soldier; giving the viewer a sense of sadness for the sacrifice made for his country.
This is one of my favorites out of my collection; the sharp edges of Sargent's work with using strictly vertical and horizontal lines for the people in his painting gives me the realization of tragedy.
Nevinson blends in the slain soldiers with the landscape giving them the perfect camouflage, but also a sense of unimportance to the viewer.
The soldiers who are killed are of no interest to the ones still alive. Kennington shares his reality of war with the viewers that death is a well known acquaintance to the others.
The soldier carrying the other is acknowledged as the focal point of Kennington's piece "Gasses and Wounded". He shows the viewers that in order to win a war you must work as a team and care for one another.
Women show their nurturing power to the wounded and starved prisoners of war. Zinkeisen brings the power of women to life. He also shows the viewers how realistic the war was by identifying the walking skeletons lying on the bed.
The realism of war is seen daily; Lavery painted a soldier cemetery bringing peace to the ones of the lost and to the ones who fought. The colors he used is exceptional in showing this.
Credits: All media
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