Renaissance perspective

Franciscian friar-applied to members who also adhere to the Roman Catholic Church facade-generally one exterior side of a building crucifix-image of Jesus on cross pulpit-raised platform Siena-I.t
Granada-Spain Burgos cathedral-Gothic style church in Spain Naples-Italy sixteenth century- 1700's Barcelona- Spain
Urbino-Italy spatial-relating to space intarsia-a form of wood versatility- variety of capabilities Berlin panel-economic board
Greco-Roman-greek and roman virtuous-having high moral standards Classicizing-imitate classical style cornucopia-symbol of abundance Roman arch-Mesopotamian bricks
innovator- introduces new methods Impressionism- 19th century art movement Golden Age- 19th century time Philipsen- artist brushstrokes- way to paint
bourgeoisie- used in the field of political economy Skagen- Denmarks northernest town heroism-great bravery vistas-large or beautiful view of area Oil on canvas- type of art
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