Elements of art

grace lingo

this shows the element of shape because the entire thing is a pattern of shapes. These shapes are geometric. The shapes are flat, so it's not form.
This artwork shows the element of texture because you can see how every stroke forms a different surface. You can see the rough texture of the lighthouse.
This artwork shows value because value was used to show the shadow. And the background gradually gets darker as it nears the bottom. The value created contrast between the actual thing and the backdrop.
This shows form because it shows the entire object. In this artwork you can see length, width, and depth. You can see heavy the object is.
This shows the element of color because the vivid colors have a large contrast, and they send out the mood of the artwork. The colors are bright and relate to nature.
This shows the element of space because you see more than the foreground. It's not flat, and the proportions create good spacing.
The element of lines is visible in this artwork. Lines create a lot of the image. They set the mood because they kind of dissapear
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