Melanie's gallery

I chose this beautiful artwork because of the use of soft creme colors and it reminds me of heaven. Also, the wings are made with precision.
I chose this self portrait because it is made very simple, there is probably less than 10 colors used yet the painting looks nice.
I chose this portrait because Louisa looked very pretty in it. The features in her face were well painted such as her natural flushed cheeks.
What I liked about this painting is the soft colors the painter used. They are pastel and gentle. The painting itself gives me positive vibes.
I chose this painting because it made me think about life back then. The type of jobs that they had to work in, in order to fulfill their lifes needs. In addition, the colors were really cozy to me.
What I noticed in the painting is the background colors are dark (black and brown) and it made the man pop out more with his light tan and beige colors.
This painting is one of my favorites since its detail is so specific, it easily visualizes how the small waves were crashing and flowing to. Also, the painting is realistic.
This is one of my favorite realistic paintings since it has a very lifelike feel and sight. It captured every little detail from the humans to the icy mountains in the back.
I picked this portrait since it gave a lot of details to the persons facial hair, it made me think if all men had that style around the time period. Also, the colors are very dark and then there is his pale skin standing out.
I chose this painting of the lady since I found her very pretty, the artist captured a lot of detail such as her rosy cheeks, the contour of her nose, and her tight curls.
What I liked about this painting is in first glance, you believe the painting is dull because of the colors that are more prominent but if you take the time and observe, the painting has soft colors in the back such as light blue, white and tan.
This painting is very simple, it looked like the artist effortless made this painting in less than 4 hours. The colors are dark and limited and the subject is not complex.
What I have noticed in this painting is its a painting and portrait in one, usually in portraits, a persons face is painted and in a painting a lot more is happening, its more of a scenery, but in this painting a mans upper body is painted along with the chair he is sitting in and the book he is holding.
I really liked this painting because it gave us a straight forward description of the personality of the person who owns the drawer. You can easily see what the person likes to do in its free time, etc.
This painting is simple yet complex because the colors are also very limited and are warm, but what makes the painting complex is the small drawings such as the houses, people and boats.
I like this painting a lot since it gives us an insight to how nature was/is. The features of the plants make us feel that we are there. This painting is important because most individuals don't do any more outdoor activities.
This painting is one of my favorite unrealistic paintings because although its not realistic you can still visualize how an actual owl looks like with its characteristics with this painting.
In the painting, the variety of birds stood out to me along with its colors. For example, one of the birds is soft brown, tan and white and another bird is black, white and red.
What i liked about this painting was the small features of the little boy such as his curls and dimples. What I can tell from this time period is not only did they have portraits of people but also sculptures.
What stood out to me in this sculpture is the shaping of the mans upper body. I believe its out of proportion since the man has a small head and a big chest.
This sculpture is not like other sculptures who are white and that is one of the reasons why i chose this sculpture, it stood out to me. In addition, the sculpture has more carvings to it such as its shirt.
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