Gods and leaders

Since the beginning of time whether it be a queen, king or even an important leader there has been very various ways that people have demonstrated their power or political stance with the use of art. Wars, politics, and death are some of the parallels found within many groups of people during different times.

Prince Li Xian of the Tang Dynasty was forced to kill himself. The fact that foreign travelers paid homage to a prince shows how united the Tang Dynasty was important when it came to trade.
The tomb displays the life of Horemhem from the beginning of his military career and how he became a hero to his people. He became a Pharaoh and this is represented by the serpent in his forehead.
Egyptian tombs were a way for the deceased to reach the after life. Many of these tombs include hieroglyphics and passages from books. Pharaohs were linked to be the human version of the Gods.
During times of warfare,the idea of a peaceful life is demonstrated by the vegetation and calm sensation of the water. These were usually accompanied with a poem of the life they wanted to live.
This model displays how people made a living during this time. Cows giving birth or models displaying regular life were considered a way to ensure that the deceased could succeed in the after life.
Arhats were disciples of Buddha that protected Budhist teachings from demons. The devotion from these disciples demonstrates the importance of religious practices during this period.
These people could have been important in their society and removing the head was way to gain their knowledge. Others believe that they could have been enemies and their heads used as a trophies.
Religion played an important role in Ancient Greece where myths of goddesses and gods were displayed. Artemis is shown killing Aktaion which shows that higher beings could punish normal people.
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