Rhythm is a Musicians Emotion - KIMBERLY SAMUELS

This gallery will enlighten the emphasis of rhythm and emotion in music through visual art. Musicians express rhythm through their expressions by the way they play. The emotion in which they are conveying is what we will articulate.  Understanding how music creates the rhythm in our emotions helps us to understand how it shifts moods and adds excitement.  Let's explore how and what rhythm of a musician speaks to you visually.

This piece of art illustrates a man playing what appears to be a piano. There is a strong sense of shape with the dynamics within this piece. There is an illusion of movement with the backward rocking motion that the man displays. His motion creates the rhythm of one that is of passion as if he is singing from his heart or playing from his heart. The notes use the sense of color by being pink, yet positioned in front of him near his heart. It appears as if he is again singing or playing his heart out. We are left to feel the rhythm of his heart cry out.
This artwork depicts the essence of movement. The flow of the piece captures a rhythm of following one another musically. The movement of the the congo player is one of motion, but awaiting for the next person to give the cue to come in next. The eyes of each musician are positioned as if they are focused on their instrument at hand, but are listening to each other tentatively to flow together. There is a painting of dancers behind them dancing. This could be a dance piece they are playing which gives the interpretation of the rhythm of dance.
This piece of art illustrates an angel kissing a young child while holding a violin. This displays unity whereas all parts of the artwork created completeness. The violin is a soothing instrument and creates relaxation. The child is asleep so the angel playing the violin helped the child to relax to fall asleep. The rhythm in this piece of art is relaxation and a calmness sealed with a goodnight kiss to offer sweet dreams.
This artwork is a jazz band playing in front of a crowd. There is variety within this artwork as it causes you to view the entire room. This gives us the sense that the crowd is engulfing the room as they are positioned closely to the band. The rhythm of this piece can be one of dancing from the crowd.
This artwork is described as a musician tuning their instrument, however it could be a musician practicing or warming up or playing a solo as no one else is around in the picture. This picture is one of emphasis as it is focused on the player and her instrument only. With such a strong emphasis on just her it can leave the imagination up to the viewer to determine endless things as to which she is playing. The rhythm displayed is concentration yet serious.
This artwork illustrates a man playing a bagpipe. This artwork uses a sense of texture. You are able to see how well detailed the imprints are on the hands of the bagpipe player. This gives a visual depth to the viewer. You are able to see how the shirt of the bagpipe player falls off the shoulder which could indicate the rhythm of a march
This artwork displays a man and woman who are engaged in moments of love with one another along with musicians playing music onlooking the couple. This artworks use of proportions creates depth and a sense of realism as the couple is on a terrace. In the distance you are able to see that it is the nightfall and the stars are glowing over them. They rhythm of these musicians is the rhythm of love as the couple appears to be in love and mood and song is one of being in love.
The artwork depicted is of two men. One appears to be younger than the other. There are lines used in this artwork. The lines of the gate illustrate the sense of "do not enter". They are positioned outside of the fenced area yet there is an opening to the gate. In the distance is white space with not much to see in the distance. The musicians appear to be traveling and have their instruments in cases. They display the rhythm of "I just want to play my music". They look as if they are disappointed that no one would give them a chance by not listening to their music.
This painting is an artwork of a man and woman. The woman is playing a guitar and the man looks as if he is holding a tambourine. There is a great sense of tetradic colors in this artwork. There is a harmony and happiness from the pair that gives the sense of the rhythm of happy music being played. It looks like a possible duet. The man is leaning into the song so there appears to be a dancing and singing of the song which further gives a sense of a happy mood of rhythm.
The artwork displayed is of musicians of an African American descent. The front panel reads "From Past and Present". There is a sense of movement within each diagram displayed. The one of the past shows two people playing the congo drums, which shows that it started out perhaps in Africa on the drums and then led to America playing outside of the home during slavery time, and then later to concert halls. The rhythm in these musicians is one of triumph. There is a sense of pride by understanding that something good was there all along with the music and still keeping at it no matter the circumstance. This shows determination as well as how comforting music was to the African American Negro during such adverse times.
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