poverty and wealth, power

No mater where you live and in what period of time, there have always been people of wealth and power and people of need.  There have always been and an equality...

With what a disgust people are looking down the sewerage, the same way people at poverty are being looked at by the others.
What it's like to exchange places. The ever existing desire to change roles and to carry out the lessons
We will judge you by your appearance: your height, weight, completion. We will examine you and decide what you should do, whether you fit or not!
Where there is a need, there is always a bad deed...
If you are wealthy and powerful, you can treat the others your way. And who is there to judge you?
Time of total equality
World order: Feed yourself, Feed your dog, Feed those in need... if you still have anything left.
Like a toy is thrown away when it's not needed anymore.
Poverty is like a heavy stone that weighs you off every time you try to move on with your life or make changes to your life. It's holding you from living in a different future.
No matter how wealthy and powerful you are, there is always a possibility of finding oneself on the other side of the river.
Freedom is the only thing that overweighs wealth, power and corruption.
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