Human Art Period 5

This work of art has a very delicate look to it, with the form of wings on the lady's back and the constant color of white used. It's very pretty and soft, yet there is this dog by her side which gives it a unique touch to the art.
This seems to be a very posed picture and kind of ghostly since she seems to be floating around with her white dress. It sets a pretty negative mood with all the black space surrounding her too.
This work of art shows a woman kind of just leaning back a little with some flowery clothing. This seems to be from the Culture of Asia and the colors are very bright making it seem lively. Yet, the dark color on her and her face expression gives it a creepy kind of look or feeling.
This picture seems to get right to the point and have no hidden meaning to it , just men with spears and cloth on their heads. It kind of reminds me of cavemen. Also the men kind of look alike (same features and skin tone).
The man seems all stiff even if he didn't have that armored suit. The painting uses a lot of shades of green and black and the horse in the background could pass to be like a picture just pasted in there(since it stands out a lot even if its in the back).
Credits: All media
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