Elements of Art

This is an example of continuous line art. It is oil on canvas created in 1954, and is intended to represent the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.
This is an example of shape. It is an oil on canvas painting, and has free floating shapes. It has a little depth to it and is an obstract object.
This is an example of value. It a painting on canvas, and was created in 2008. It is a military aircraft carrier in the ocean. It uses darker colors to make it look 3D and realistic.
This is an example of form or volume. It was created in 2008 and is made from scrap metals. It is an obstract image and is 3D, and has density to it.
This is an example of texture. It was created in 2007 and is a replica of a rock by sculpting an object to look like a rock. It has a rough texture to it.
This is an example of space. It goes from light to dark which gives the illusion that it is fading into the distance. It is 2D and was created in 2000. It overlaps and has perception of depth.
This is an example of colors. It has many different colors that are both dull and bright. This is an abstract painting created in 1914. It has both small and large shapes in it.
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