This painting contains asymmetrical elements as the plates and pieces in the back share equal portions but are made up of different contents.
This lion has symmetry down the middle as the two halves complement each other. This creates a sense of balance in the work.
The symmetry of the fan is thrown off slightly by the offsetting of the mountains to the right. However, the fan still holds the balance of the piece together in a semi-radial fa.shion
The radial symmetry of the Olympic fire displays the equilibrium and unity of the world coming together for the Olympics.
This garment has pattern as well as symmetry in its layout. The sleeves as well as the branching out in the lower section creates a sense of balance that is held together along the collar and ties.
The radial symmetry of the fountain brings the focus to the center while all parts are balanced together.
This tapestry has symmetry down the middle between the feet, people, and pattern that act as a mirror despite the slight changes in color and size.
The stone dagger has a stark line of symmetry directly down the middle that continues to the base, holding all parts together equally as the sharp lines and curves are reflected.
This tree has symmetry along it's trunk that carries into the branches pattern. However, there is asymmetry between the two sides of branches on a more micro scale, showing the balance and variety of life.
This arch has symmetry between the two halves as the angels reach out to one another and the bodies of the man and woman are both swooping toward the center through their hips while the instrument and garments flow outward.
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