MCA1 Impressionism and Expressionism

Impressionism was a 19th century art movement that was at first criticized for its non realistic look. Impressionist paintings were usually done outside and broke many of the classical rules including the rule of the focal point. Impressionism was probably the first step toward abstract art. Expression was based off of Impressionism but was more abstract and dreamlike. Expressionist would create scenes of things that would seem unreal.

As you can see in this painting, it is not as detailed and realistic as older more classical paintings. It was also most likely painted outside instead of in a studio which was a new technique many Impressionist artists used. They did this in order to capture those fleeting moments that would be gone in a matter of seconds.
In this painting there is a pond of lilly pads under a bridge. Lilly pads were a re-occurring theme in Monet's work and defined him as an artist. You can see the broad brush strokes he used in order to capture the colors and lighting he must have saw when painting this.
In this painting there is what looks like a mother taking her son out for a walk in a field or a park. This differed from classical paintings because in a classical painting they would have most likely romanticized it instead of showing how things happen in real life. You can also see how the shadows are'nt black but instead are a dark blue.
As you can see, there are many similarities between the Impressionist and Expressionist styles including the broad brush strokes. In this painting however, it is much more dreamlike than any Impressionist painting.
In this painting it shows a self portrait of van Gogh. Again you can see the broad brushstrokes in the background and how it isn't very realistic compared to a classical painting. His skin even looks kind of green with reddish shadows.
In this painting, you can see that it is getting even more unrealistic and sort of cartoony. Nothing is very detailed and there does'nt even seem to be much shadowing either. The foreground seems to be a mixture of blues, reds, browns and greens and the person in the front does'nt even have a face.
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