Beauty in Texture and color

You can tell allot about what the artist is trying to say portray, or express about the character based on the color and texture of what they are wearing. 

The red fabric of the woman's dress is soft, you can tell the softness of her dress based on how it reflects light softly, and the shadows are too solid in some places.
The texture on this suit is rather rigid, but classy well suited for a man ready for business. The dark blue colors reflect almost no light but enough to determine shadows and perspective.
The texture on the child's dress gives the perception that it's almost silky, a sense of how much contrast and reflective light it has.
You can see the level of work and detail on the textures for this fabric, soft red and dark shadows, and very gold shiny contrast metallic like decoration on the edges.
This dress has a beautiful texture to it, strong contrast on bring area's soft shadows on others, but overall a perception of whiteness, referencing an angelic and pure lady.
The level of detail, and elegance in the clothing's texture speaks loudly of the elegance of this woman.
The texture of this fabric is simply fascinating, a soft glow, mostly white, but some red, and some blue. almost as if saying how sweet, pure, and loving this character is.
The texture is a very simple soft fabric, bright and rich in color. no hard reflections, very little deep shadows just enough for depth perception.
I like this art work allot because of all the different textures and colors, almost as if depicting the personalities of each individual of the family being very different for each person.
i like how the artist made the fabric so well, the amount of detail put into contrast, the level of work into how it folds and the shadows and color contrast between shadows.
very nice detail on the dress decoration, and good work on color contrast.
I am impressed that this was actually a drawing, the level of detail and color texture, how it's overlapping and gives the perception that it's three dimensional, it looks almost picture perfect.
Really like the texture, it's very reflective yet very smooth, you can almost imagine what the dress feels like.
I really like the level of detail on the texture, you can see the design within the dress even as it folds.
a very beautiful texture, very reflective but not too much, soft fabric that glows, adding to the beauty of a princess.
Credits: All media
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