Art Elements

Texture- The different stones in the mosaic can be smooth and rough. the piece also has real texture
Lines- This pencil drawing uses many different types of lines to create outlines of objects and the details.
Form- This mummy coffin has texture because it was made to fit someone inside of it and has height, width and depth
Space- this jug is using positive space and the negative space because there is the jug which is the positive space and the inside of the jug which is the negative.
Color- i chose the "Dancer Stretching" for color because it is mostly in the same hue, has a darker value and low intensity.
Shape- The famous "The Starry Night" is a good example of shape because the stars in the sky are organic shapes and the houses below are geometric.
Value- this piece of art is very dark ing meaning and literally. It was created to represent war and destruction so the value of this is very dark
Credits: All media
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