Tunnel of Love

Love is a scarred thing. Love something that reaches out to the soul and molds the mind and the heart together. Love is the most evil, ugly, hurtful, vile, corrupt, and foolish thing in the world but every once in a while it brings out something in us that makes all the other stuff worth going through. Love in art can be easily recognized by the action of the subjects, the bright color palette and of course symbols.  Ryan Hayes.

Love is about connection. As we see here the connection between the man and woman is very strong. Warms colors are used to show off the foreground and draw attention to to their faces.
A kiss is a depiction of an act of love. The painting keeps with the theme of warm colors as well having some contrast with the black foreground and the light background
The art work shows off many hearts of various colors. The heart is the symbol of love and matches the theme of color because it uses very warm colors which are usually associated with the love.
Love in a 3-D space is focused more on the action than the color. The sculpture of the two people focus on their bond. The white color leads the figure's characteristics open to any interpretation
The passion between these two in this painting seems very real to the audience. The two subjects stick to the theme of love being warm colors along with the rest of the painting being very bright
The bond between the woman and child shows love. The colors are very bright and stand out from the heavily contrasted background to draw focus on the expressions of the subjects
Kissing is one recognized symbols of love, the painting shows it off as almost perfect with setting and people. The colors in the painting are extremely warm which shows off the emotion of the piece.
The embrace and kiss of this piece are symbols of love. Once again the colors remain warm to some off the emotions and their is detail in the subjects expressions.
Sex is seen in this painting with is arguably one of this greatest forms of love. Warm and bright colors are used to show off the background and to distinguish the subjects from the surroundings.
Marriage is a bond that symbolizes love. The colors in this piece are very bright which symbolizes the happy and cheerful mood of the piece
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