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This gallery consists of Ancient Chinese art and culture. I have made 4 items of my choice: calligraphy, bronze, oracle bones, and silk. This only took me like one day to make, so sorry if I included too details, excluded too much details, and made other critical mistakes. This was too easy!!! 

Calligraphy is the ancient art of writing, which is still practiced today. It's important among China because the ability to write calligraphy showed control and inner peace. Calligraphy means communication, a way to express yourself. Emperors practiced calligraphy because it was a sign of status, and emperors need to be the top status. Calligraphy was used as inspiration for paintings. It needs to be drawn precisely and each stroke of a character has to be draw in a specific order. The materials needed in order to draw calligraphy is a brush, paper, ink stick, and a ink stone.
The earliest evidence of Chinese writing and how we know of the Shang dynasty are oracle bones, which are animal bones that are used to predict the future. A religious person, the diviner, would write the question on one side of the bone, then burns the bone with a hot rod and when cracks appear, they will try to interpret the cracks and put the answer on the other side of the bone. The Shang kings mostly believed in their ancestors' power and the only to communicate with them to find answers are with oracle bones.
Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin, it had a lower melting point and a higher degree of hardness, making it durable. Bronze was used to make religious items and weapons. Bronze weapons gave advantages in war added with horse-drawn war chariots. Bronze revolutionized agriculture and warfare, made trade expand to distant lands, writing systems were developed in complexity, and tombs were looted with highly decorated bronze containers.
Silk was made from cocoons made from worms that are fed on mulberry leaves. Silk was important to China because since it was a prized export for China, since kings of distant lands would pay so much for it, and wearing silk is an important status symbol. They were also used for not only clothing, but also paper, fishing lines, bowstring, and canvas for paintings. It was kept a secret because kings and nobles of foreign lands paid high prices for silk, but unfortunately, in 550 A.D., two monks from the Byzantine Empire smuggled silkworm eggs out of China. Silk was even used as money in some Ancient Chinese dynasties. Merchants and peasants weren't allowed to wear silk like the nobles and kings can until the Qing dynasty.
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