Renaissance Perspective

By Matt Petersen

Cathedral-Principal church of a diocese. Chapel-Small building for Christian worship. Three Dimensional-Having length, width, depth. Sculptor-Artist who makes sculptures. Decoration-Adorning something
Renaissance-Revival of architecture Urban-Relating to a city or town Antiquity-Of great age Citizenry-Citizens of a place Residences-Where a person lives
Concurrent-Existing, happening Depiction-Representing something Interior-Within or inside Parallels-Something running side by side with the same distance Intarsia-A method of knitting with colors
Friar-Member of a group of religious men Pulpit-Raised platform in a church Facade-The face of a building Associates-A partner in business Custom-A traditional and widely accepted way of behaving
Retrospective-Dealing with past events Architecture-The designed structure of something Visual-Relating to seeing or sight Spaces-Continuous areas that is unoccupied Illusory-Not real
Architect-Person who designs building Traditional Ar-Common old artworks Images-The external form of a person or thing in art Ceremonies-A formal or religious public occasion James Hoban-Irish architect
Credits: All media
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