19th century art

This painting portrays Nelsons death in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. I personally like the colors used in this painting because they are vibrant and fiery.
This painting is an oil done on a canvas. What I like about this painting is the unity of it. The two girls in this painting seen to be writing or reading.
This is a portrait of general George Washington. In this painting you see George Washington in his civilian clothing and is shows how he is a powerful leader.
This painting depicts Cinderella petting a cat. I like the pale and delicate colors used in this painting, it makes the painting seem wonderful.
This is a portrait of Patrick Lyon, and by the looks of it he seems to be a blacksmith. It looks as if he is posing in this painting and value of this photo seems to be on the darker side.
I really like this painting of a landscape, I like how natural and radiant the colors and stroke of this painting are.
This painting is really very lively because of the colors,especially the red piece of cloth makes it stand out because its so a glow.
This painting looks like more of an Italian painting than an American one, but I like how vivid the colors are. I also like how intriguing and thrilling this scene looks.
This is portrait of Samuel Morse and he presents himself as a painter. I like the simplicity of this painting, it makes it seem endearing.
I really like this painting because of the plant, it seems as if it doesn't belong there but it gives the painting a raw and unique touch.
I really enjoy the colors in this painting because they're so rich and colorful. This painting seems to depict George Washington and a bunch other Generals at sea.
This painting is very simple and bold. The color of the background is so dark that it puts emphasis on the red berries.
This is a portrait of Isaac Avery, and this painting looks realistic because of the form and shadows. This painting looks very calming and personal.
I liked this painting because of how vibrant the colors are and also how attention grabbing the hat is.
This painting of a landscape is extraordinary because it looks like the artist only used a bunch of different shades of green.
This is a watercolor painting, and like how there is a border. This painting looks delicate and organic because of the simple and light colors used.
This piece is nice because its not actually a painting, its hand colored and etched on whatman paper. I like the shapes of the icebergs in the background and I like how realistic it looks.
This piece is also not a painting because if you zoom in you can see that there are no paint strokes visible. This shows how its an hand colored and engraved onto wove paper.
This is a portrait sculptor of the famous Benjamin Franklin. This sculptor is made of marble.
This is an Italian sculpture. I like how detailed this sculpture is and how it has a lot of depth.
This is a sculptor of Benjamin Rush done by William Rush. This sculptor has lots of details and characteristics to it.
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