How homer influenced greek culture

This museum walk is filled with artifacts from the time of Homer B.C(650-900).Homer was a Greek poet who wrote the infamous Odyssey.The purpose of this walk is to see how the time around when he lived affected the Greek identity,in later years.For each slide write a 2-3 sentence summary.

If this was used commonly in ancient Greece what do you think was stored in these pitchers and how common do you really think that they were?
This was used as a storage area for cosmetics in ancient Greece what type of cosmetics do you think they used and how were they created.How do you think the cosmetics differ from today's.
This helmet is very different from today's helmets.How do you think these helmets were made and how have they shaped history by protecting people, during battles?
This is a cup that was common in ancient Greece. This cup may not seem like a large factor in the development of culture in ancient greece butit was. Can you tell me three ways this was a large factor?
This is a statue that was commonly found in ancient Greece. What do you think the purpose of this statue was, did it serve any importance to the Greeks and do you think this was a large part of Greek life?
This is a fragment of a painting found on the wall of an ancient Egyptian church.This was found in Egypt yet it had Greek writing all over it. How do you think a Greek painting made its way too Egypt?Do you think it served any importance?
This is a flask that was commonly used ancient Greece,what type of liquids do you think were stored in these flasks?If you look closely on the flask you can see some designs.What do you think these designs were created to represent?What different designs do you think that had put on these?
This is a decorated vase that was used in ancient Greece.These vases were used to do multiple things such as cook and hold things on the top of them.What do you think the images on the outside of the vase represent?What do you think they coked in these?
This Pithos is painted with a scene from the Odyssey.These were often used to store dry goods and were often sunk into the ground to be easily accessible.What scene from the Odyssey is depicted on the Pithos. Why would someone put that scene on the vessel?
This is a statue of a lyre player.This statue was cast in solid bronze and was most likely used a a tool of dedication to the gods of ancient Greece. This statue is a believed to be reciting Homer's poems. Why do you think the statue was created to praise the gods?Why do you think the statue was created to also be reciting Homer's poems?
This is a bronze cast of horse that originates around Homer's time.At the time this horse cast probably belonged to the wealthy and higher ups. What do you think these were created to represent and how does this relate to Homer's odyssey?
This is a bust of Homer. Some historians believe that he may not have lived,and just never existed.If he never lived how would they carve this?How do think this affected Homers story in ancient Greece. How did Homer and the Odyssey influence the Greek identity and their culture.
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