My favorite arts

This is my favorite art because when I was 4 years old, I was looking at this picture and talked with brother if this room could be my own room.
i like female body and i did sketch work last semester in art 101 class, so I thought it could be a good example of my sketch work.
His art is very awesome, and I added it to my page because I liked his art since I was 4.
I think this art has strong meaning, and i like the face woman's face, so I added this picture.
I sleep like this picture, so I thought I should sketch this art.
I went to museum in Japan and saw this huge art. I loved it, and I also liked his realistic art work.
I like animals with a female. And I also like colorful art, so I added it to sketch later.
I like colorful work, and I thought I really want to see this art sometime in my life.
When I was 4 years old and looked at this picture, I thought it is horror and couldn't sleep well. However, I am 22 years old now, and I think this picture is so warm and I like it.
Paul Gauguin is one of my favorite artists. His art always make me warm, and I often imagine if I could go the place in this picture.
I grew up seeing this kind of art. I like it because I often think about my home country when i see this.
This picture is also my favorite one since I was young. I did not think about this art, but when I see now, I feel these relaxing people seem happier and make me warm.
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