AFRO Harlem pictures

By Caroline Theis

Picture of a 10th Cavalry Man. The 10th Cavalry was a cavalry of black soldiers (buffalo soldiers) that fought in the Sp-Am war very bravely. Shows bravery of African Americans.
African Americans dancing to jazz music. Shows that blacks had the ability to spread their culture with American touch to it with jazz music.
African Americans dancing in more of a traditional way. Shows that African Americans are prideful and proud of their culture and their history and want to spread it through America.
Picture of a fancy cocktail party. African Americans are present and nicely dressed. Shows that not all blacks were poor and they had opportunity in Harlem.
African American mask. The art of Africa is still alive in American because of blacks wanting to spread around their culture. They want to make sure that their history is not forgotten.
Nightclub scene with blacks dancing to jazz. This is important because when jazz came into Harlem, it brought a wave of excitement and opportunity to African Americans.
Jazz flourished with African Americans in Harlem. Many famous black players spread their music worldwide and had an impact on American culture in the 1920's.
Black musician playing sax. Shows that jazz music had made African Americans more open during the Harlem Ren. The opportunity to play music gives blacks a feeling that they can do what they want to.
L. Hughes was a jazz musician. Shows that jazz made African Americans well known and gave them a better reputation. Shows that blacks can contribute to US culture with their music.
Harlem Ren evening dress. Again shows that not all blacks were poor during this period and that like whites, they wanted to have fun too. Gave blacks more confidence in themselves.
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