The art of ballet

I chose the subject of ballet because I love to watch a ballet. It is so graceful and simply beautiful. The pure athleticism of the ballerinas is amazing. They combine strength with grace to create an amazing show.

I chose this picture because it shows the ballerinas performing on stage. I liked this picture because of the beautiful backdrop.
I chose this painting because it shows them practicing, and it shows how taxing ballet can be.
I chose this painting because I liked all of the colors that are represented in their costumes.
I chose this one because it portrays the dancers on stage and shows their synchronization.
I chose this photo because it displays the pure athleticism of how they have to stand on the tip of their toes.
I chose this painting because it shows the dancers getting ready. I like all the white in it with a few accents of color.
I chose this statue because it depicts a young girl who has high hopes of one day being a dancer.
I chose this painting because I loved the colors used. I like how the wall is yellow then the girls' costumes are blue.
I chose this painting because i loved the details on the costumes. I love all the specks of color on the blue costume.
I chose this painting because of the detail. The girl's arm and back are very detailed and so are the facial features of the girl in the purple costume.
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