Melanie Albers

color schemes 

The color scheme for this painting is monochromatic. The colors used in this painting include greys, whites, and blacks. These colors create a very subtle or possibly depressing mood.
The color scheme for this painting is complementary. The colors include purple and yellow. The color yellow creates a light and happy mood, while the purple creates a deep and dark mood.
The color scheme for this painting is triadic. The colors include yellow, blue, and red. The yellow gives off a vibrant feel while the the blue and red outlining the yellow gives off a calming vibe.
This painting displays warm colors. It mostly contains oranges with a tad bit of red ans yellow. It sets off an energetic and lively mood, but is also calming because of the sunset effect.
This painting shows cool colors. It consists of many shades of blue. It is extremely calming, relaxing, and tranquil.
This painting shows analogous colors. It used red, purple, and blue. The painting itself gives off an angry tone because of the major use of red.
Credits: All media
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