Anthony Jewett

Color Schemes

This artwork by Claude Monet exhibits the use of a "cool" color scheme. Blue, Green, and bit of Violet is used to make this painting. This creates a sense of relaxation and tranquility.
This painting by van Gogh shows the "warm" color scheme. The red, yellow, and orange show the color scheme properly. I believe that this painting has an anxious, nervous feel to it.
This painting, by van Gogh, uses the "analogous" color scheme. The use of blue and green give the painting a peaceful mood.
This van Gogh masterpiece uses the "complementary" color scheme. The various oranges and blues create a sense of balance throughout the painting.
This artwork exhibits a "triadic" color scheme. The color scheme is triadic because the painting has red, yellow, and blue. This creates a sense of unity within the painting.
This painting, also by Vincent van Gogh, uses a "monochromatic" color scheme. The tints and shades of yellow create this color scheme. This creates a sense of pleasantness.
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