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God, Self, Love and Family

First seen this painting Images of Mary holding baby Jesus was in my head. The only Virgin mother the world ever knew. The boy next to them is angel Gabriel the same one that appeared before the birth of baby Jesus.
The lord Jesus carrying his cross the day of his crucifixion. I also see a tear drop flowing down his face. I believe this painting is a Realism painting because it has a story behind it and also it expresses the feeling while carrying the cross.
In other countries the beach, ocean, sea or river is a Toilet for many. First part of the day when people prepare themselves. A mother and a child cleaning up themselves as I may call it a bird bath at the toilet to start their day.
The last supper was the final meal that Jesus shared with his Apostles before his crucifixion. Another given need is the Holy Communion or The Lord's Supper. The bible stated the Last supper was given in Jerusalem. Jesus predicting his death and who will betray him and that Peter will deny knowing him.
A beautiful woman in the painting. A womans assets is the most beautiful part of our bodies and I believe that was the point of this painting. This artist painted many nude woman with flowing curves and a sensual texture. Study explained that the artist painted nude woman in celebration of the woman's form and her sensual nature.
A families breaking point is when not having much but on the bright side of things we are still a family. This picture explained to me how things happen. A poor family with many children as much as 3 that are seen in the paining. A man or the father standing over a person maybe the children's mother his face shows all the emotions running through his body. living in a one bedroom or as stated the attic. Having nothing and being sick at the same time. Poverty is real and it developes sickness within a person.
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