a day to remember

This Gallery explores the subjective and cultural frames in the form of a childhood beach memory. It contains several images of an overcast beach and how slowly, more and more people and civilisation coming to the beach to make and share memories.

This painting shows the cultural frame. It shows boats coming into a harbour that will soon be filled with civilisation. the start of a community
A view of a bare beach with hints of civilisation and people enjoying a leisurely walk along the beach.
This painting conveys the cultural frame as it shows community through the large amount of people enjoying a picnic, and watching their children swimming at the beach.
a cultural gathering at a busy beac shows cultural and subjective frames.
Subjective frame. This painting shows two children spending a day at the beach, this falls in the subjective frame as it conveys memory and nostalgia of ones childhood.
This paintings is view of a 1950's beach scene. It includes the iconic 50's fashion. children are playing and making memories this could fall in both the cultural and subjective frame as it shows nostalgia and community.
Credits: All media
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