Perspective In Landscape

How perspective adds depth.

I chose this painting due to the use of size in order to create perspective. Objects in the background are smaller compared to those in the foreground, giving the sense of depth.
This painting uses light and shadow to help depict depth. It also uses size to show the scale of the mountains (the city in the background is very small compared to the mountains behind it).
This painting uses very large and pronounced foreground objects (the trees) to show perspective, as well as the level of detail in foreground objects compared to those set far off in the distance.
Unlike other paintings in this gallery, this painting does not have large mountains in the background to show depth. Instead it focuses on detail and size of the closer objects.
This painting uses the relational size of the people and statue compared to the trees to show a sense of scale.
The city in this painting is detailed enough to get a sense of what and where it is while the layout of the bay helps to show how far away the city is from the people in the foreground.
The rolling hills and mountains in the background of this image are in sharp contrast to the foreground, giving the viewer a sense of great distance between the two.
The water and natural landscape help create the sense of depth and movement in this piece. The height of the trees also aids in developing the depth of the landscape.
This, like many others, uses people as a reference for size compared to the rest of the painting. This helps give a sense of distance to the mountains in the background.
The road in the painting helps guide the viewers eye towards the people as well as the flowing landscape behind them.
This painting uses very large and pronounced foreground objects indicating that the viewer is very close to them. This helps us to determine size and distance to the trees in the background.
The road gives us a small sense of scale compared to the massive tree and mountains in the background. With a lack of foreground objects, this helps us determine the size of the background objects.
The use of people in both the background and foreground help show a sense of depth and allow us to determine distance in this painting.
The trees in both the foreground and background appear to be of the same type. The varying size between the foreground and background trees help establish a sense of distance between the two.
The birds in this image appear very large compared to the landscape, giving the viewer a sense of being right there with them as opposed to seeing them from a distance.
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