Description This gallery includes representations of love, how two people come together assessing the other’s suitability as partners in a marriage, they meet socially for companionship, so that they can get to know each other more than friends. Gallery created by: Cathy Oduke.

I chose this couple because I love how the gentleman is not even concentrating on the camera, his is so in love with the young lady, and that is all he can see, he knows she is the one, and he is trying to think of ways to make her his.
I chose this image because the couple is oblivious of what is going on around them. They look like they are so in love and nothing else matters as long as they are together. He looks like he would protect her from anything.
I chose this image because this couple looks like a power couple, they look like they work together in everything they do, and are proud to be together.
This is one of my favorites I chose this image because the gentleman is sweeping the lady off her feet, it's a very romantic display of affection for his lady.
I chose this image because I love how the couple is holding on to each other. The gentleman looks like he is protecting his lady from the crowd that is next to them.
I chose this image because it goes hand in hand with my theme. These two love buds look like they are enjoying a bike ride, it looks like they are on a date.
This image is my favorite, this couple looks like they are in love, the way she is leaning against him and how he is leaning towards her their chemistry is amazing.
I chose this image because this couple looks very happy and at ease with each other. They look strong and like they have been together for a while.
I chose this image because I like how the gentleman is leaning towards the lady, it looks like they are on a date. She looks like she is mad at him, and the gentleman is trying to plead his case.
I chose this picture because it goes with my theme. Adam and Eve are interacting in a loving way, she is leaning towards him in close proximity explaining something and he is confidently touching her thigh. The way they are interacting shows they are more than friends.
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