Childhood Captured in Art

In my virtual art project, I chose to focus on artwork that contains children and the essence of childhood. Childhood is a magical experience that we have all had the blessing to enjoy and art does a wonderful job of portraying its memories. Everyone can relate to childhood innocents and so I feel this gallery can help recount or narrate those joyous and not so joyous memories. Capturing childhood in a picture is very important in art, in my opinion, and so I believe that this gallery helps show how youthfulness is seen in art.

Almost everyone can relate to days spent at the lake just being a kid, it is one of the most priced memories of mine and this art piece perfectly exhibits this experience.
This artwork reminds me how I spent countless hours outside trying to learn to how to use a jump rope and I know just about everyone can relate to how much fun jumping rope use to be growing up.
They say "boys will be boys" and this artwork exhibits the young children spending a day just enjoying their time at the beach which is very relatable to most adults and children alike.
As a child who took piano lessons I can relate to being at the piano just practicing with my sister and that is a memory that this piece perfectly addresses.
I still consider myself a child and this picture sums up what I am doing right now, just trying to write and further my education in art and any other subject really.
Being from a small town I spent countless hours climbing trees and just sitting on branches watching time pass and this art piece captures that perfectly.
This is another picture that sums up living in a small town where you could walk around the neighborhood and spend your time just being a child.
There is no memory that will be better than one like this. Every child loves to be shown love by others and I know I can relate to both the baby and the child because I am an older and younger sister.
This painting was done in 1908 but I can still relate this to my time on the playground at school with all the other children.
Credits: All media
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