Time Travel             the time machine ~h.g. wells 

Docent Jay Wilmouth

Selected Epigraph: "The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot." -Michael Altschuler. I chose this quote as the epigraph because the main character, the time traveler chooses hi sown path through time with his time machine. He carves his own path and pilots his way through the future.
When I look at this image, it makes me think of a humble traveler, one that would be willing to help anyone if they needed it. In the classic I read the main character, the Time Traveler spends his time in the future like much like an adventurer but is also very helpful. The Time Traveler saves a citizen of the future from drowning, and takes her along for his journey. I feel like the theme of this book is the challenge the future humans have. They cannot communicate well, are afraid of the dark, and are prayed on by ape-like creatures during the night. This image captures the face of an elderly man seeming very sorrowful and challenged with many problems.
This image seems to capture a dreary feeling, although it is really just a clock. The tone of the Time Machine may appear to be the opposite of this image. The future seems like just any average day, but is really quite dreary and hostile much like this skull with a clock, a reminder of one's time left. The tone could also be described as frantic as everyone seems to be in a hurry to get things done during the day light, before the Morlocks come out at night. The Time Traveler is rushing to get his machine back and the Eloi, humans of the future are always in a rush to accomplish whatever they can.
This picture does not describe the original setting of the book, in the Time Traveler's house but depicts what I consider the setting. This represents the garden that the Time Traveler arrived in. On his first journey to the future, his time machine stopped in a garden much like this one. With many trees and people milling around, a few buildings in the background. All ground him people are frantically rushing around to their destinations or simply staring at the spectacle of a man appear out of nowhere. The year that the Time Traveler stops in is unknown, left for the reader to decide how far into the future he traveled.
This image captures my idea of the Eloi, the humans of the future. The book describes them as short creatures that use a series of grunts to talk. Instead of people of the future being farther advanced in technology, they appear to have gone back to a primitive society. I made the connection between this book and the movie Honey I Shrunk The Kids. Although the kids are eventually made normal again, it felt like the two were connected because technology was used to shrink the kids. I thought that it was possible that the human went to far with technology, damaging themselves and eliminating their technology at the same time.
http://tinyurl.com/jzjqse7 On the outside of the mandala is brown and blue and green for the earth, the very basis of the story. The purple in the center and hidden in the crevices is for mourning because the Time Traveler subconsciously mourns for his dead companion Weena. The red and yellow symbolize the energy, excitement, and hope the Time Traveler has for the future. The white and blue sprouting from the middle are to represent the peace, calm, and harmony that the Time Traveler has with his self and the environment.
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