It is interesting that in old time artist adore brown color. Here I took a guess how artists use brown in their artworks to create the certain atmosphere they want.

The artist only used brown on the facade of architectures and the sky, so it's a normal landscape painting. It seems the artist didn't want to create a drama or show any feelings through this painting
The sky absorbed the color of the field, and the vegetations look brown. By paint everything brownish the artist created a harmony, peaceful twilight scene.
Obviously the use of brown is exaggerated here. Everything is brown, so you can sense that the author want to tell people something through this work.
Brown in this painting indicates death and doom.
It's a pink dress but it looks brownish. By making the most eye-catching thing brown, the artist clearly wanted to create a peaceful scene.
The dark brown made this painting looks serious and depressing. Somehow I feel that dark brown is a much depressing color than black in real life.
The characters in this painting look very sad. The dark brown background makes a great contrast with the slightly light colored clothes.
By mixing red with brown, this piece of work tells a evil and sad story. And both color indicated the fate of the main characters.
By matching bright red with brown, the painting took a glance of the life of upper class.
This artwork is a good example of why brown is the best choice for an abandoned scene.
In this work brown indicates death and the doomed fate of that old man.
Instead of painting background brown, the author used black so people can be more focus on the drama.
The sadness is throughout this painting, they look exhausted and very unhappy. It's a long trip and they suffered for a long time, and they seem lost the will to talk to each other
This painting is a reflection of genteel society. With the bright light and high saturation color, the whole scene looks elegance and happy.
The sky looks like a faded wall, and the brushstroke created a sense of madness, which is the portrayal of Don Quixote.
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