Beautiful Jewelry - BCE

Beautiful jewelry I would not hesitate to wear myself.

Necklace with amulet of falcon (Horus).
These colorful necklaces are found in the valley of the Euphrates in northeastern Syria. They are made ​​of Chalcedon, agate, calcite, limestone, transparent rock crystal and opaque kristalsoorten. The chains have been found in tombs.
This amulet is in the shape of the holy dung beetle. The beetle’s back is inscribed with the name of Djehuty. He was a general in the service of Pharaoh Thutmosis III and governor of the Palestine dominions. On the flat belly-side we find 11 lines of text from the Book of the Dead, in which the deceased is speaking to his own heart: ‘Do not rise against me as a witness, do not oppose me before the court of justice!’ In this way he hopes to obtain a favourable ‘last judgment’ from the divine court of justice, when the latter is investigating whether his heart is free from sin. The scarab is set in gold, and was attached to Djehuty’s mummy with a necklace of braided gold thread.
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