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I chose this piece for my gallery as it shows the horses working the fields with the plough, and as my theme is farm life, it shows what people (and animals) had to do before tractors and other types of machinery were invented.
This piece of artwork shows us how farmers used to dress and their way of life.
I chose this piece as it is of a bull and bulls are animals that used to work on farms and are farm animals.
I chose this piece of art as it looks like the paddock has a crop in it and as crops are used by farmers , I thought this picture would be good for my gallery.
This piece of art shows a girl in a paddock with animals and what looks like a crop.
This painting showed a landscape with horses and cattle resting by a river.
This painting shows the farmers harvesting their crop. You can see the mounds of harvest that they have already collected.
In this paddock, you can see a farmhouse amongst the wheat crop.
This picture shows some orchards and I chose it because orchards are sometimes used in farming .
I chose this picture because it has what looks like paddocks with some crops in the and what could be a farming community.
This picture displays farmers harvesting their crops from their paddocks. you can see the different types of machinery strewn about the place.
I chose this picture as the man looks like he could be a farmer with his straw hat.
I chose this picture because it has cows in it and cows are farm animals and I decided for that reason, that this picture would fit in with my topic.
This picture shows a paddock with some rye in it and because rye is a crop that farers would plant, I decided to put it in my gallery.
I chose this picture because it is a farmhouse and thought it would be a good addition to my gallery.
This picture shows how even though you can work really hard on a farm, there is always a bit of time for relaxing.
This painting shows some farmers harvesting their wheat crop and then bundling it together.
This painting shows a girl in a paddock amongst what looks to be a crop.
I chose this picture as it shows the farmers going out to harvest their crops.
This picture shows some people in a paddock lighting a small fire. Behimd them is a cart .
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