tints of blue for serenity

I really enjoy using color as the subject of a painting. 

The loose line work in blue makes this painting feel light and serene.
Though at first because of the girl the painting seems somber. The vibrant color of blue livens up the mood. While this tint of blue calms the drama of the painting.
I choose this painting because the different tints and shades of blue draw you in to the painting. It's also very simple and calming.
I choose this painting because of the color it has a light and serene feel and almost looks like watercolor.
In this painting the color is the only subject. My interpretation of it is a soothing feel.
This is a peaceful depiction on the beach with a calm and powder blue.
This is another peaceful painting, theres not a lot going on.
This is simple peaceful depiction of plains and the main focus and most of the painting is blue.
Though this painting kind of appears serious because of the subjects expressions. The use of blue as the highlight changes the mood the of the painting. To me this makes it serene or even bittersweet.
The use of color here makes the image happy but not overly happy. It's just peaceful and lives in the space. I think it was done with the intention of being peaceful.
This is a great monochromatic portrait. I feel the artist could of used any color, but the fact he choose blue gives insight to the intended mood. Which I believe has a neutral calming effect.
When we think of serene we might think go the ocean. In this painting the blue matches that definition.
This painting also matches the the sea idea of the word serene.
The use of blue in this painting makes it peaceful. If it was substituted for lets say red. This painting would look morbid and dark.
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