The Palace of versailles

Maddie Rambowski

This photo was taken in 1899. It clearly shows Louis XIV's bedroom in the Palace of Versailles as it was at the end of the 19th Century.
This painting is the first out of four in a series depicting the King along with his men in front of Versailles. The other four paintings show the inside of the Palace including the Hall of Mirrors, and both the North and South wings. This was painted in 1669.
This panoramic painting of the outside gardens of the Palace of Versailles was painted between 1818-1819 in New York. The painting is many sketches put together that the artist sketched while at Versailles. Originally, the painting was supposed to show the rotunda of the Palace not the gardens.
This was a photo taken of Palace during it's reception honoring John F. Kennedy. I picked this one because it really shows the brilliant architecture of the Hall of Mirrors. It also shows just how grand the Palace is.
This painting of the Palace of Versailles was painted in 1675 by an unknown artist. This painting shows the outside waterfront of the Palace.
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