Vibrance of japan

This gallery includes various paintings of Japan's landscapes. From the high mountains in the clouds to the beaches with crabs and subtle waves, Japan shows for a variety of beautiful land captured for art. 

The mountain is as bold as the sun in this calm, but resonant, piece. The mountain stands strong with the, practically, straight lines painted into its existence. Given the space the sun also shines in this painting. The clouds, smokey and dull, remain secondary with the background of this piece.
Although the sky and sand are dull colors, they help to bring out the life in which the ocean contains. The blue of the ocean washed with white seems full. Capturing the presence of life and energy. Even to the little details of the birds on the beach, scouting for nourishment.
The vibrant greens and reds from the cherry blossoms just exclaim life is all around in this painting. The space, from tree to tree, helps for it not to seem clustered. The calm orange helps to make the red and green pop even more than it could on its own.
The Quail, perched on the ground, with such a dull color of brown. It becomes the subject, along with the leaves, because of the blandness of the background. The life of the leaves, embodied with the green, shows that its cycle is coming to an end with the death of brown approaching.
The curves of the sand give the painting a natural feeling of nature's surrounding. The plants, spaced appropriately, don't make the piece feel clustered. The crab, the darkest color present, becomes the subject. The plants are secondary with their vibrant colors blending with the sand.
Mt. Penglai is such a large painting, in terms of space. You can see mountains off in the distance as well as the white of the birds flying by. The blue of the sea helps for the black mountain top full of trees to become the subject of this spectacular painting.
The strokes from the brush to the canvas make these waves seem as if they had movement. It's a reoccurring pattern from the waves even as they crash down from the rocks. The blue of the ocean contrasts with the dark black from the top of the rocks. The neutrality of the background help to make the ocean the subject.
There's an obvious contrast between the black of the mountains and the whites of the clouds and the sides. The contrast shows what the artist wanted to be the subject. The deep black automatically captures the viewers eye. The white is more of an after thought that contributes to the subject.
The first thing that came to my eye was the cliff. It has a shadow to show the depth, but there is also the darkness of the background to make the cliff pop out in contrast. It also helps to give the blue of the water more depth and seem more colorful. There also seems to be movement on the cliff top as the trees sway to the right.
The brightness of the orange show that it is the subject of this painting right away. It sways right to take up the majority of the painting. The blue of the sea contrasts with the orange and also helps to give depth. There is also details on the leaves and tree that give it a texture.
Credits: All media
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